Game Writer

About Me

I started developing games in the year of 2018 after been having a lurker of countless forums, discords, and sites dedicated to indie development.
However, I started writing many years before I even knew what visual novels were.

Offered Services

Game Script Writer

Plot and Character Development


  • Otome/Romance

  • Drama

  • Slice of Life

  • Adventure

  • Action

  • Fantasy

  • Sci-fi

Will Not Do

  • Gore

  • Horror (Inexperienced)

  • R-18/NSFW (Inexperienced)


  • Our Mountain [Lead Writer, Creative Director + Head Developer] 32,019 Words; Complete

  • The Last Clan [Lead Writer, Creative Director] 7,771 Words; In Development

  • A Spell of Tea [Lead Writer, Creative Director + Head Developer] 3,346 Words Words; On Hold


  • Currently “Pay What You Want”: Pay what you deem fair for the amount of work. The system cannot be abused however, so $1 for 10,000 words is out of the question. This is for both non-commercial + commercial projects.

  • I prefer payment upfront through PayPal; however on orders $40+ half up-front and half upon completion is acceptable. We can also work out a deal for larger projects by paying in installments (ex: Per X chapters)

Additional Info

I am comfortable with First Person POV but am open to others.
I love developing worlds/settings and lore, so can be of some help in that regard.
Deadlines are A-OK, just inform me beforehand.
I can work with lengthier scripts as long as there are no strict deadlines or restrictive expectations.
I write a mix of both dialogue and description, never relying too heavily on one or the other.
Please provide all details about the project, what you expect of me, as well as images of the characters and backgrounds (if you have them) so I can have a visual representation.


Graphics provided : Stories by Freepik

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